Hoffner Haus Studio
Musicians, Singers, and Producers who have worked at Hoffner Haus:

Mark Casstevens - guitars, banjo, harmonicas, jawharp, mandolin
Reggie Young - electric guitar and electric sitar
Chris Leuzinger- guitars
Richard Bennett - guitars, ukes, anything with strings-
John McEuen - banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle
David Davidson - violin,
Mary Catherine VanOsdale - violin
David Angell - violin
Pam Sixfin - violin
Kris Wilkinson - viola, string section leader
John Catchings - cello
Byron House - bass
Jim Hoke - sax, harmonicas, recorders, clarinet
Farrell Morris - percussion
Mike Brignardello - bass
Carmen Acciaioli - steel guitar, dobro
Leslie Norton - french horn (principle horn, Nashville Symphony Orch.)
Billy Huber - trombone, euphonium
Beth Nielson-Chapman - vocals
Robbie Shankle - piccolo, flute, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bass clarinet
John Mock - guitars, pennywhistle
Jeff Taylor - accordian
Joey Miskulin - accordian
Rob Hajacas - fiddle
Andy Reiss - guitars
Hoot Hester - fiddle, mandolin
Peter Rowan - vocals, guitar, mandola
Hank Singer - fiddle, mandolin
Kenny Malone - percussion, drums
Butch Baldassari - mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandacello
Mike Chapman - bass
Neil Rosengarden - trumpet
Sam Bacco - percussion
Mickey Raphael - harmonica
Marianne Osiel - oboe, english horn
Bobby Taylor - oboe, english horn
Gary Talley - guitar (The Box Tops)
Jeff Hanna - vocals (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
Michael Martin Murphey - vocals, guitar, banjo
Bill Miller - vocals, guitar, Indian flute, percussion
Gene Wooten - dobro
Sonny Garrish - dobro, steel guitar, pedabro
Jim Ed Norman - keyboards, arranger, producer (The Eagles, etc.)
Roy Huskey, Jr. - bass
Brent Holmes- vocals, guitar
Mike Haynes - trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Leona Williams- vocals
Ron Williams - vocals
Dave Kirby - guitars
Wade Hayes- vocals, guitar
Tommy Cash - vocals, guitar
Glen Worf - bass
Jeff King - guitars
Cynthia Estill - bassoon
Hal Bynum- vocals
David Coe - fiddle, mandolin
Terry Crisp - steel guitar
Billy Puett - flutes, clarinet, sax, bass clarinet, ethnic flutes
Buddy Spicher - fiddle
Judy Rodman - vocals
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Scout (studio manager)
Hoffner Haus was built from the ground up as a composer's studio, with acoustics and
aesthetics as the primary design goals. A comfortably live and diffuse room, it is optimized and
tuned for acoustic instruments and vocals. The monitor/control room combination is very
accurate with an impressively low ambient noise floor. Large windows provide natural light and
a view of the Tennessee countryside. The acoustic design includes tuned Helmholtz resonators
as well as diffusers and traditional absorptive foam. Soundproofing includes resilient channel
construction, floating walls, and studio-quiet HVAC.