In 1994, I played keyboards on the debut CD by the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, a group
led by mandolin guru Butch Baldassari. Butch and I hit it off, and on a later project we
recorded two songs that utilized only mandolin and keyboards. As he presented the recordings
to various record companies, they all seemed to respond to these two dreamy, meditative
pieces, and we decided to record an entire album as a duo.We began meeting once every
two weeks to choose, arrange, and record some songs. After a year or so, a distinct style
began to emerge and we whittled our experiments down to a group of songs that were dreamy
and relaxing, but still had strong, evocative melodies and lush arrangements.

The result is "Nightfall" on Spring Hill Records. The record peaked at #12 on the New Age
charts and garnered some nice reviews. I highly recommend any of the Nashville Mandolin
Ensemble's CD's or live concerts, and I'm looking forward to more projects with Butch in the future.

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