Here are some of the more unusual instruments in my collection. I've used all of them on
various projects over the years. (L to R):

Banjo-uke (circa 1900)- This one was passed down through the Hoffner family, and belonged to
my dad, my grand-dad, and my great great uncle.

Saz (from Turkey)- This one was a gift from my good friend, Brent Holmes.

Banjo-mandolin (circa 1910)- My dad got this one in Baltimore, and completely restored it. On
the back of the original calf-skin head, in pencil, it said "new head put on- August, 1912")

Hammered Dulcimer- I bought this great instrument in 1988, and within two weeks had played
it on four master recording sessions, which paid for the instrument three times over. I still use
it often, as well as my sampled version of the same instrument.

Doshpuluur (from Tannu Tuva)- belongs to my Tuvan friend Kongar-ol Ondar. He left it here on
his last trip to the U.S. I can't ship it back to him, (would get stolen in Russia before ever
reaching Tuva), so I'll have to wait until he comes back, or until an American friend travels to
Tuva and can take it to him personally.

Mountain banjo (gut-string)- "Frailed" with bare fingers, I've used this on quite a few TV
scores. It can paint a picture of Appalachia, or the battlefields of the Civil War.