Here are some of the more unusual instruments in my collection. I've used all of them on
various projects over the years. (L to R):

Banjo-uke (circa 1900)- This one was passed down through the Hoffner family, and belonged to
my dad, my grand-dad, and my great great uncle.

Saz (from Turkey)- This one was a gift from my good friend, Brent Holmes.

Banjo-mandolin (circa 1910)- My dad got this one in Baltimore, and completely restored it. On
the back of the original calf-skin head, in pencil, it said "new head put on- August, 1912")

Hammered Dulcimer- I bought this great instrument in 1988, and within two weeks had played
it on four master recording sessions, which paid for the instrument three times over. I still use
it often, as well as my sampled version of the same instrument.

Doshpuluur (from Tannu Tuva)- belongs to my Tuvan friend Kongar-ol Ondar.

Mountain banjo (gut-string)- "Frailed" with bare fingers, I've used this on quite a few TV
scores. It can paint a picture of Appalachia, or the battlefields of the Civil War.