Fun Tunes for Kids
For ten years now, I've been producing children's albums for singer/songwriter Brent Holmes,
who has also become one of my best friends. Initially, he came to me with a couple of cute,
quirky songs about cows, and recorded demos of them in my home studio. They got a great
response from family and friends, so he wrote more, completed an album called "Cow Tunes for
Kids", and began selling them in gift shops and ice cream shops. Traveling around New England
in his van, he found over a hundred gift shops willing to carry his CD.

Soon, there were "Moose Tunes for Kids", "Bear Tunes for Kids", "Sea Tunes for Kids", and
Brent was off and running. He now has seven albums and a DVD, selling in over 1000 locations
around the country, including National Park gift shops, aquariums, and catalogs. We bring in
Nashville's finest musicians, whether it be a lone fiddler or an entireDixieland band, and Brent
spares no expense to create the best children's music possible. He is the perfect example of how
a thriving business can be created from scratch, with little more than a great idea and a lot of hard

Brent and I always have creative fun in the studio, and the positive feedback from kids, teachers, parents, and even
grandparents give both of us tremendous satisfaction. The comment we hear over and over is "These are the only kids' CD's
that we listen to when the kids aren't even around!"

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