Bill Miller
In 1985, I met a fantastic singer/songwriter named Bill Miller. Bill had grown up on
an Indian reservation in Wisconsin and was still living in Wisconsin when we met.
He made several trips to Nashville, staying with Pam and I, then decided to move
his family down permanently.

The first time we got together to write songs, we wrote "No One Else but You",
which was recorded by Michael Martin Murphey on his "Americana" album, and by
Tom Rush, as well. Bill didn't have a record deal at that point, so I was his producer and
we recorded his first three albums in my home studio. We had the help of some great
musicians, including Peter Rowan, Jeff Hanna, bassist Mike Brignardello, and, of course,
Michael Martin Murphey. Bill's albums got great reviews, and garnered the attention he
needed to secure his first record deal with Warner Bros. Records. He gained a lot of fans
in the music business, including Eddie Vetter (Pearl Jam), Dan Fogelberg, Tori Amos, the
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, etc.

When Bill was signed to Warner Brothers Records, Richard Bennett was chosen as
his producer.

Richard, having listened to Bill's earlier records, kept me involved in playing, string arranging, and composing on the album,
and "The Red Road" was one of the most creative and honest projects I've ever been a part of.

Bill continued to build up a cult following, packing out college concerts, folk clubs and festivals. He was hired to play the
Indian flute on Disney's "Pocahontas", and I brought him in to play on National Geographic's "Braving Alaska".

He's never had a "hit single", but he's won three Grammy Awards for "Best Native American Record". He's always writing,
recording, and touring, and his fans will tell you how his music has changed their lives. If you get the chance, I highly
recommend catching him in concert. If you can't, "The Red Road" is my favorite of his albums.

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